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1. Dance, Early Life, Awareness of Beauty, a Natural Spirituality  .pdf

2. Awareness of Books, Art, Music, Education, Interest in Dance.pdf

3. Education, José Limón's Influence, Conversion, Catholic Worker, Dancing in the Streets.pdf

4. Early Dance and Teaching Career .pdf

5. Conversion, Catholic Worker, Dancing in the Street .pdf

6. More Dancing in the Streets, Early Sacred Dance in Churches and Schools, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, Arthur Eaton (Who Would Be De Sola’s Husband)   .pdf

7.  Arthur Eaton, De Sola’s Husband and Assistant Promoting Sacred Dance  .pdf

8. Teilhard de Chardin's Influence, the Name %22Omega%22 from His Concepts.pdf

9. The Passion According to Mary Dance.pdf

10. %22Mary and Martha%22 Dance .pdf
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